Monday, November 26, 2007

Kind of fungus
  • Truffle is a delicious fungus lives underground on the roots of oak trees.
  • Honey fungus is an enemy of trees, this fungus feeds on living and dead wood. If you see a cluster of honey fungi near a tree, you can be sure that the tree is either dead or about to die.
  • Jelly antler grows on the ground, sprouting from old pieces of rotting wood.
  • Fly agaric is a beautiful but highly poisonous, this brilliantly coloured fungus usually lives close to birch or spruce trees.
  • Red cage fungus is about the size of a golf ball. The inside of the 'cage' contains slimy spores that are spread by flies.
  • Lemon disc fungus feeds on dead wood, growing in dense cluster on old fallen branches.
  • Oyster fungus is a edible fungus grows on dead or dying trees.

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