Monday, November 26, 2007

Attacks by fungi
In Australia koalas can become infected with different kinds of fungi. One of the fungi is associated with certain types of eucalyptus tree, the trees that koalas lived in and feed on. The fungi are not passes from one koala to another, and most healthy koalas are not killed by them. Koalas are not the only victims of fungi. A fungus carried around by beetles, for example, caused the Dutch elm disease that wiped out many of Britain's elm tree in the 1970s.

Why does bread go mouldy?
Bread is an ideal food for many fungi. Their spores are everywhere in the air, and as soon as you take out a loaf of bread, some mould spores fall on it. Long before you see any furry mould on the bread, moulds are growing but, in small amounts, they do us no harm.

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