Wednesday, December 5, 2007

All life depends on plants
Almost every living thing depends on plants for its food supply. Even the leopard and lion, which only eat meat, are actually feeding on plants, because that is what feeds their prey. In the same way, if you drink milk you are really consuming grass, there wold be no cows to give us milk. The grass turns the Sun's energy into food, the cow turns that energy into milk, and you use that energy to kick a football around, or dance or do homework. Even reading uses up some of that energy. The link from grass to cows to humans, or from grass to antelope to lions, is called a food chain.

From seeds to 'sweetcorn'
Germination : The seed absorbs moisture from the soil and starts to grow.
Lightwards : The shoot grows up, while the roots grow down.
Growth : More roots grow below ground, and more leaves above ground.
Flowering : Finally, the maize plant flowers and then sets seed, producing a new cob of corn.

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