Saturday, January 5, 2008

Do seeds die when birds eat them?
When birds eat many small fruits, they also eat the seeds inside them. They digest the fruit, but the seeds usually survive and come out in the bird's droppings. The seeds can germinate and grow, with the droppings providing the fertiliser they need for a good start in life.

How do plants grow from cuttings?
When a storm breaks branches from willow trees growing by a river, these fall in the water, float downstream, and can get stuck in the bank. The broken-off branches may make roots in the mud and grow into new trees. Many plants can grow in this way, and gardeners use the process to 'take cutting' from plants.

The race to reproduce
On a forest floor in early summer, plants are busily reproducing - in a variety of ways. Wild strawberries develop flowers and grow 'mini-plant' on long stalks called runners. Ferns and mosses make spores on the undersides of their leaves, or in special containers called capsules. They are not as colourful as flowers, but they are still easy to see.

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