Friday, November 16, 2007


Every living thing on Earth is descended from one common ancestor that lived long ago. We know this because, although living things different genes, they have all inherited the same genetic code to make those genes work. That ancestor was probably a creature similar to a bacterium. But how could a bacterium produce descendants as different as sharks, daisies, cucumbers and camels? Living things slowly change, or evolve. Over millions of years, tiny differences have built up to produce completely new species.

Our tiny ancestors
When dinosaurs were striding about the Earth, our ancestors were there, too, although Tyrannosaurus rex probably never noticed them as they scurried past his toes. They were timid creatures, rather like modern-day shrews but larger. After the dinosaurs died out, these unlikely ancestors began to flourish and gave rise to all the mammals, including ourselves.

Creation Or Evolution?
Is evolution just a theory? You can prove creation.

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